Looking for more clients or customers--or wondering if there are any customers out there for you?🤔

This 1 QUESTION will help you attract the people you'll LOVE and who will love you.

It quickly connected me to my ideal clients and gave me clarity in my business AND helped me get clear on what I was doing, who I was meant to serve...and to help those people to find me.

Here it is:

➡️What makes you weird?

That's it! I know it sounds simple, and easy to ignore, but let me explain.

What's unique about you?

What are the things that make you feel like the odd person out?

What quirks do you have that would make you stand out in a room?

These are the very same things that will make you memorable to great-fit clients so that they know that you GET THEM.

What do I mean by WEIRD?

Here's an example from my own life:

One thing that's really weird about me is that I love luxury, but I'm willing to get dirty for my horses.

Camping? I'm out; give me my own bed or a swanky hotel room. Getting dirty and sweaty (unless I'm working out and immediately going to shower)? Hate it. But guess what? I do it for my horses and I love it. I throw on my barn boots and will slop around in the mud and it's one my absolute favorite things. This dichotomy makes me not like other people. It makes me weird!

For a long time I hid who I was because I thought I was a strange mix of things.

I used to think, there's no one like me, I don't fit in anywhere. Can you relate?

Once I started sharing the things that make me weird, though, I found that MORE clients came to me, and those clients had my weirdness, too! In fact, some of my very first clients were horse owners, and though my client base now encompasses many other types of women as well, this "weirdness" helped me stand out early on in my business.

Here are some other things that make me and my clients weird, and these shared traits help us know that we're a good fit to work together:

✔️ driven motivated high achiever, others call her a "go-getter"
✔️ often recognized for her accomplishments
✔️ very capable
✔️ has received awards, scholarships, very smart


😟feels that what she's done is never enough
😟is called to big things and hasn't been able to figure out how to do it on the scale of her dreams yet and that's very frustrating to her
😟held back by self doubt, anxiety, perfectionism, fear of failure
😟feels pressure about all the things she feels she "should" be doing
😟not sure of what her unique gifts are (hence why I'm sharing this ;)
😟not knowing if she's fulfilling her purpose and not sure how to get there

THIS is my ideal client and I know exactly what she needs: a clear simple plan & the accountability to follow through on it.

I keep this list in front of me because this is the woman I am called to work with.

I got to the point where I could make the list above with clarity because I started with answering the question: What makes me weird?

And now, 2+ years into my 6-figure business, it's evolved beyond the fact that I love getting dirty if horses are involved, to the unique ways I support & encourage my clients through their self-doubt, help them quit & stay out of their jobs, and build businesses with simplicity and clarity.

And those things quickly help the right clients KNOW that I'm the person to help them.

Now I'd love for you to share 1 thing that makes YOU weird below!