I was the world's most unlikely web designer. On paper, there is no way I was qualified. 😳

I was not a graphic designer.

I was not a programmer.

And yet, when I quit my job to build websites full-time, I replaced my income IN THE FIRST MONTH.


Because instead of continuing to question whether entrepreneurship was meant for me, I decided that it WAS, and I took action.

I used my strengths (simple strategy, building relationships, writing) and I hired out my weaknesses. I put the support I needed in place, got a mentor to hold my hand and kick my butt, and I kept showing up.

And that's how I built my first 6-figure business.

The same is possible for you, too. If I can do it, completely unqualified to do what I did, then what's stopping you from building a business in your Zone of Genius?

Can you relate to any part of my story? Did you do something similar?