The FIRST thing I did when I started both my 6-figure businesses:

It WASN'T build a website.

It WASN'T get a logo, branding, or business cards.

It WASN'T register/get a business license.

It WASN'T build the perfect funnel (didn't even know what that was).

It WASN'T setting up all my social media pages (or even 1 of them).

Here's what it WAS:
I focused on getting clients.

In both my online marketing business & in Life With Passion, my first client came from my warm market--people I already knew, and who already knew, liked and trusted me.

Can most of the things I listed above lead to clients? Yes. Are each of them a longer game, designed to turn cold traffic into warm leads if done correctly?


SO often I see women devoting a bunch of mental space some strategy or goal because someone said they should and it seems like the thing to do because they see others doing it.

But it's always important to look at the bigger picture and make sure you're spending your time and energy in the most strategic way, to get you clients the fastest.

And that's different for everyone. My clients each have very different strategies that work for THEM and then can be scaled to cold traffic from there.

The point is, in the beginning and/or when you don't have as many clients/customers as you want, you want to focus on identifying and following through on what works best for you, NOT everything at once to see what sticks or getting FOMO because some "guru" said you need to get on the next tool or app or strategy or whatever.

In summary: Focus on getting clients. Start with your warm market. Develop a strategy that works for you and follow it through.

How about you? Is this what you did in the beginning of your business, too? Or is that what you're focusing on now?