How do you focus on 1 idea? What does that look like in practice?

Ask yourself, “What can I do every day to show up and get clients?”

And then do that thing, even it’s just for five minutes.

What would that look like for you?

As an example, maybe you need to get visible. Maybe the issue is just that people don’t know what you’re up to and how it could help them.

If you haven’t replaced your income and quit your job, chances are you are not nearly as visible or as known in your niche as you think you are.

Or maybe it’s that you’re not comfortable with sales, so you’re avoiding selling. Maybe it’s time you learn a way to sell that is empowering to both you and your potential client, and that isn’t pressured, or icky, or “salesy,” but a true win-win for both of you.

You are most likely super-capable and people have probably even been telling you that your whole life. But being an entrepreneur? This might be brand new territory for you.

Focus your time, energy, intention and action, instead of trying to hit everything and everywhere all at once, and you’ll amaze yourself.

You’re learning as you go, and that’s okay. But show up, with focus, on income-producing tasks, and then every day, repeat.