What I wish someone had told me when I started Life With Passion:

Focus on learning sales.

But not in the way you might think...

Bottom-line, no matter how flashy a website or photos or logo you have, it ALLLLL comes back to connecting with people and making sales (i.e. making money, making a profit, so that you can stay in business for the long term).

I used to feel really confused and overwhelmed about this whole idea of giving value, being of service, and building relationships in groups and elsewhere in order to sell, because I wanted clients NOW and I thought those messages meant it had to take FOREVER.

So I spent a ton of money on Facebook ads (something I knew how to rock at), and I had GREAT conversion costs, but because my backend sales process wasn't totally dialed in (I was uncomfortable so I avoided a lot of it), it cost too much per client to make them the golden goose I kept hearing they were.

But at the same time, I was confused about what else I could do.

Here's what I've learned and that took me from struggling to 6-figures:

Genuinely connecting with people and ALSO learning how to ask for sales, consistently, in a way that actually felt GOOD to me (not salesy, icky, pressurey or slimey) was a total game-changer for my business and my bottom line.

What does that look like for me on a daily & weekly basis?

-Posting content for my niche (who I'm super-clear about, nail this FIRST!) daily, in my Facebook group & 1 other that I love, and responding to others' posts & comments in both places
-Responding to emails & FB messages about connecting

-Sending a minimum of 1 email a week to my list, sharing a lesson I've learned
-Following up with women I've talked to who I KNOW I can help
-Reaching out and making new, personal connections with colleagues (i.e. not being "too good" to talk to someone who might not be ready to buy from me right now)
-Casting a broad net by pitching at least 1 podcast appearance and/or publishing an article
-Inviting women to book calls with me (don't forget to do this!)

Now, what questions do you have about this? Or is selling something that you struggle with? Why do you think that is?