Have you chosen a word for the year ahead? 


Mine's "Freedom." 


This is a new tradition for me, and I'm loving the simplicity of it. 


What does freedom mean to you? I asked the question of my Facebook group and got some incredible answers on this thread.


Then I did this livestream to talk about what freedom means to me and how you can get more freedom right now, from where you are!

To me, freedom means the ability to set my own schedule, travel as I wish, do the kind of work I choose, when I choose, wearing what I choose :), freedom of income to care for my family and the causes I care about.  


How about you? What does freedom mean to you? What steps are you taking to move toward it today? Join the conversation over in the Facebook group, or if you're more of a one-on-one person, send me an email and let me know! I promise to respond :). 


Much Love,