Confession time: This weekend is the first time I've worked on the book in 2017. Yep, there it is. Keeping it real!


My personal life has been pretty crazy over the last 3 weeks--my sister & her family (including my adorable nephew) moved to Australia & we went to Nashville to help with final preparations, Garrett was sick & quarantined in the basement for a full week, and he just got home from a full week of work in California, and now Fi has a cold.


Business has been beautiful and awesome with coaching calls, half-day Skype intensives, launching my 6-month mentorship, and some awesome publicity appearances + opportunities (some you know about and some coming soon, stay tuned!).


These are not excuses; they are explanations. I haven't been sitting around doing nothing (and I know you haven't either, even if you've been procrastinating on something). HOWEVER, my priorities & laser focus for this quarter are serving my 1-on-1 clients well + writing my book, so it was time to dedicate some time on my calendar to the book, and it feels SO GOOD.

Yesterday, I made a decision to STOP the momentum that procrastination had gained and START a new type of momentum--traction on getting it done.


I put 1661 words on paper yesterday in about an hour, was at it again yesterday, and I have another session scheduled on my calendar for today.




Awareness is the first step! 


So, answer, what have you been procrastinating on that is actually a true priority for you? Admitting it will take away some of procrastination's power and allow you to be open to finding ways to start on it for 5 minutes today!

Share with us below--where has procrastination gained momentum, and where would you like that to change today?

Send me an email and let me know, or better yet, join the discussion we're having about this in Life With Passion Society!

Lots of Love,