I utilized the power of FOCUS in a maaaaaajah way.

I talk about the absolute importance of focus so much, so I would be remiss if I didn't talk about how it specifically propelled my business forward in 2016.

I used to be a professional, proud multi-tasker. Keeping my email open, responding to texts & emails as they came in, refreshing, checking Facebook & scrolling, a million browser tabs open (oops, that still happens).😇 Any of this sound familiar?

I could give you many examples of how FOCUS allowed me to grow my business, but perhaps the most powerful is what I was able to accomplish while most women are still on maternity leave. In the first 11 weeks of Fiora's life, without a babysitter AND while feeling fully present for her when she was awake, I did things like:

🎈Holding 4 free webinars for women from Morocco to Perth
🚀Creating, launching, & leading my 1st group program, The 60 Day Launch
😎Getting published (& featured!) on The Huffington Post, The Today Show's Parents page & ForEveryMom.com
👠Speaking at a gala for one of the causes my non-profit supports
🎤Recording several podcast interviews
📕Beginning to write my very 1st book
🎉 Making 5-figures in 72 hours

All this while breastfeeding, getting enough sleep, and enjoying snuggles and allowing myself to really fall in love with my new baby girl. Pretty crazy, right?

Often, we amaze ourselves at what we can accomplish--when we're doing what we love. If you'd asked me before Fiora was born how much I'd be able to get done with a newborn, I would have told you, "Not much!" In fact, my plan was that I would do NO WORK for the first month, and then re-assess.

But what I soon discovered is that I was FULL of energy and excitement to grow my business while embracing and learning about life with Fiora here.

The list above is testament to the power of FOCUSING on what you desire to accomplish, having support & accountability to get it done, and being in your Zone of Genius. I'm doing the work I'm meant to do, making money with it, and it truly doesn't feel like work!

Lots of Love,