My awesome assistants!

My awesome assistants!

This week, I've been sharing the most important lessons I learned in 2016, in my first full year in business. They're what I would tell you, if we were chatting over tea or coffee, or on a coaching call, to focus on in order to grow, hit your goals, and enjoy the process.

Day 5: I invested in support for me and my business.

When I was a perfectionist, I had to do it all myself, and I prided myself on my independence. The problem was, I very quickly hit an income plateau in my first business, and no matter how hard I worked or tried, I wasn't able to move beyond it. It was like I was on a salary again, and that was NOT why I had started my business. I knew I was capable of making more so that I could travel more, save more, and give more, and I was frustrated by my inability to do so, wondering what was wrong with me.

When I FINALLY invested in my first mentor in June of 2015, I tripled my income in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. Now, that's not typical, but it obviously IS possible. More importantly, I learned how to build a business that I could step away from, and with support, I learned to delegate for the first time EVA.

And so in 2016, I learned that when I invested in support from mentors & assistants (pictured!) to help me grow my business, I saw the rewards come back to me exponentially--in income, yes, and also in more clarity, more freedom, less procrastination (because I was either getting accountability or delegating the things that were hard for me!) and more joy.

It would be inauthentic and incongruent for me to ask my clients to pay me and not continually be investing in myself to learn and grow my business and show up as the mentor we both desire me to be. And so I'm continually learning and being challenged by mentors who are willing to go deep with me, call me out when it's needed, and support me in providing more value to you.

I used to think I could do this all for free, but, I've learned...there's something weird about us humans--we value what we pay for. Whether this is $1 or $10,000, we pay more attention to, place value upon, and follow through on what we invest in, and therefore we get better results. This is absolutely true for me, and it's so true for my clients, as well. The crazy thing? The ones who've invested more with me have gotten bigger, faster results.

Investing in your business' development is part of running a business--and when it's a business based on you, your passions and your story, that includes investing in yourself. I've gone from the lone ranger to being supported at all levels, and this way feels--and works!!!--so much better.

Ask yourself where you need support right now--what does your intuition say you most need to learn, do or have right now to grow your business?

What's been holding you back from taking action on getting that help?

Much Love,