I took some big action in 2016.

1. One of the biggest things I did was I made the decision that I was going to travel a TON, because I love it, and because I knew traveling was going to change in a major way after I had a baby. Taking big action to travel took me so many places in 2017, including:

Paris (France, not Kentucky!)--for work & play! What a dream :)
Scottsdale, AZ (I hosted an amazing intensive at the Four Seasons & went to the world's largest Arabian show!
Key West
Gulf Shores, AL
Outer Banks, NC
Chattanooga, TN (week-long cozy writing retreat!)
Wisconsin (Faith's Lodge)
Indianapolis to be the featured speaker for Little Angel Gowns annual Gala
Lexington (countless times; kept my care providers there)
Nashville (many times; my parents live there)

Most of these trips were for work which meant the business could pay for them AND it saves me on taxes!

I know so many of you have a deep desire to travel, too, and I want you to know that it's possible. It's possible to travel as much as you desire! I have colleagues who are digital nomads, and I'm more of a homebody than that, but wherever you fall on the spectrum, this is one of the best parts of taking huge action.

2. I took a big leap and hired my first high-priced professional graphic designer to create the look for Get Traction On Your Passion, and that was a stretch for me! I know the value of it, because my background is in marketing, I am NOT a designer and yet I luuuuurve for things to look polished and pretty, but still, it was an investment for me to make! He went above and beyond, totally "getting" my style and giving me stuff I can use for years to come. I'll be hiring him to design my book cover :)

3. As I discussed in day 2, I gained some major exposure and visibility by learning how to pitch podcasts and media appearances. This was scary for me and I felt really nervous, but I just found a template to start, customized it, and put in the work, and guess what? It resulted in some huge wins! It also reminded me of some strengths I'd forgotten I had--that's what happens when you take action (your confidence grows).

4. I also took big action by hiring 3 mentors during the course of the year, strategically choosing each of them to teach me their expertise, hold me accountable, spot & call me out on my weaknesses, and help me fill in the gaps in my business. I am 1,000% sure my business would not have grown without these extraordinary women AND, probably more importantly and surprisingly, the commitment I made to myself by investing in their support. I've already made back the investment in each of them many times over, and because their lessons continue to stay with me, as my income grows, I know I will continue to be reaping the rewards of those investments. As Robin Sharma says, "A winner looks at the value, not the cost," and I have transformed from someone who thought she had to do it all herself, for free, to someone who sees the value of hiring people who've already done it because you get where you want to be so much faster. My biggest & most strategic recommendation for choosing a mentor: Hire someone you connect with & feel you can learn from. That's it.

Where could you be taking BIG action to grow your business? Does one of these appeal to you, and if so, which one? If not, is there something different that's calling you to take big action?

Lots of Love,