I'm coming to you today with my most-watched Facebook Live EVER--one that's had women all over the world writing to tell me about their a-ha moments from it! 

Watch and listen as I discuss the question:

What makes you weird?

Listen in as I dig deeper into this topic, tell you what makes ME weird, and help you answer this super important question!

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In answering this question myself, "what makes me weird," I have been able to effectively hone in on EXACTLY the type of person I want to work with. 

The woman that I am CRAVING to work with is:

A driven, motivated, high-achiever
Smart and a "go-getter"
Recognized by others through awards, scholarships and praise
Confident that she's called to bigger things
Frustrated with making things happen on the scale of her dreams
Held back by perfectionism, self-doubt, and/or fear of failure

Does this sound like you?

If so, please know that YOU. ARE. MY. PASSION!  Helping you figure this out means everything to me!

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Lots of Love,