Do you love horses? If you're reading this, there's a good chance you found me because you do, so today, I wanted to share a little bit about mine!

This is Graley, my very first horse, an 11-year-old Arabian gelding. Since he came into my life as a 5-month-old weanling in 2005, he's been my dream come true.

I grew up horse-crazy, but never owned one. I was the oldest of 4 kids, and my parents just didn't have the money to support a "horse habit." I saved money I earned by petsitting and babysitting and cleaning the house, and I took riding lessons as I could afford them.

I always wanted to own a horse, but couldn't see how it was possible for me, so in high school and college, I stuffed down the dream.

In grad school, the dream was re-awakened for me, and the result, less than a year after paying attention to my heart again, was my very own horse, gifted to me in a way I could never have imagined or planned for myself.

What dreams do you have in your heart that you're ignoring or stuffing down because you can't see HOW they're possible?

I know you're ready to dream again, even if you feel like you've lost sight of your dreams or can't even remember what they are.

That's exactly why I created my free 4-part audio training series--to share how I created the life and business of my dreams, on my own terms, and how you can do the same. You can access all 4 short trainings HERE.

Listen to the first one today on your commute or while doing chores--I guarantee you'll be inspired!

And, I'd love to know about your dreams--drop me a line at I read every email!

Lots of horsey love,