This was a big weekend for me--I was the featured speaker at the annual Gala for Little Angel Gowns, one of the organizations my husband and I support through our non-profit, Miles With Maeve. To watch the 7-minute speech, CLICK HERE.


I LOVE public speaking! It's one of the things that makes me WEIRD (watch my Periscope here to find out what makes YOU weird and why that's good for your business!)

As an introvert, I also love 1-on-1 work with clients. After a year of coaching 1-on-1 exclusively, Life With Passion is now expanding to include speaking engagements. As my speaking career grows, I'll offer a smaller number of 1-on-1 spots with me, so that my clients continue to get the same high-level, dedicated attention I'm committed to providing. I'll still make them available, though, because I know the power of life change that happens in those sessions.


Both my speaking and coaching go back to the same mission, the same big WHY I have for everything I do--to help you believe you can, and learn how to, THRIVE. My desire is to support you in truly changing your life--getting paid for doing what YOU are called to do, what you're uniquely gifted for, and experiencing the freedom and joy that comes with it.


In the beginning, it's important to FOCUS on one thing and get that off the ground with excellence. The great news is, once that's gained momentum, you can include others!


I take a stand for the "AND"--doing what you love, and doing it well, CAN include doing more than one thing, and most of us are multi-passionate, right?


So do what lights YOU up most today. You never know who will see it or connect with it.

You've got this,