Do you ever feel unclear on your purpose, calling, or unique gifts?


For years, I stressed and struggled with this, feeling like I was banging my head against the wall, asking the questions over and over again,

"What am I truly meant to do?"
"Who am I called to serve?"
What's unique about me that people will pay for?"


Now, this is one of my FAVORITE topics to teach, because I know we're each given things that are totally unique to us, and I've spent years discovering mine, and helping others quickly identify theirs!


I'm excited to be featured on my colleague Rachel Hale's FREE offering, The Master Class Series, with the topic "Uncovering Your Unique Gifts!"


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So often, I hear high-achieving, motivated women tell me they're not sure of what they're uniquely gifted to do, what makes them different than anyone else, what they can do that others will pay them for.


I say NO MORE!!! I take a stand for women like YOU getting the clarity you desire and the confidence that comes from it. 


You'll walk away from this class with my top actionable tips for how you can uncover your unique gifts RIGHT NOW. Plus, Rachel's a New Zealander, and she has this lovely accent that makes the whole discussion a lot more fun!


Ready to feel more confident and grounded in who you are, so you can take those gifts to a world that desperately needs them?


Check out my conversation
with Rachel in Week 1 of the Series!

Happy Saturday!