Do you struggle with worry, doubt, fear, or making decisions? These have been part of my world since childhood, so I've made a study out of addressing and curing them, for myself and my clients.


I wanted to share my morning reading with you today:


"WORRY is a state of mind based upon fear...Worry is a form of sustained fear caused by indecision, and therefore it is a state of mind which can be controlled. An unsettled mind is HELPLESS. Indecision makes an unsettled mind...There is only one known is the habit of prompt and firm DECISION...We do not worry over conditions, once we have reached a decision to follow a definite line of action."

-Napoleon Hill

When I signed up for and invested in my first coaching program, I was totally freaked out at first (I'd never spent money on myself or my business before), but I realized that making the DECISION was tantamount to moving forward with my goals. It was accompanied by the option to do a day-long intensive at The Ritz London when the program ended, and I DECIDED that I was going to make this happen for myself.

Three months later, I found myself attending that intensive in a room used by Churchill, de Gaulle and Eisenhower during WWII, and staying in and having high tea at The Ritz, barely recognizing my life! Within those 3 months, my income had tripled, my husband and I bought our dream home, and we continued from London on to 2 weeks in Italy, which I'd been dreaming of since high school! IN JUST 3 MONTHS!


That's what's possible for you, too, when you finally override your fear and worry, go with your gut, and MAKE A DECISION.


What can you DECIDE today, large or small, in order to move you out of crippling worry, fear, and indecision? Where do YOU want to be in 3 months, at the end of 2016?


Hit reply and let me know so I can encourage you! ️<3

Lots of Love,