Yesterday I woke up from my morning nap (remember, I have a newborn - I sleep whenever I can no matter what the clock says!) to find an email directly from Arianna Huffington herself, approving my recent Huffington Post submission! I was on cloud nine!

Arianna lost a son at 5 months and has shared her grief publicly stating in an interview from 2014 with The Guardian,

"What I learned through [my stillbirth] is that we aren't on this Earth to accumulate victories or trophies or experiences… but to be whittled and sandpapered down until what's left is who we truly are."

What an awesome and true statement!

All of you wonderful dreamers already know my story, but I made a promise to share Maeve's story as far reaching as I possibly could, so I am truly grateful for the chance to reach an even broader audience with this piece.

Read my article "4 Ways My Stillborn Daughter Gave Me New Life" on The Huffington Post.

And just like Maeve's short life taught me more than I ever dreamed, my newest daughter, Fiora is teaching me new things every day! 

Before having Fiora, I purposefully did not commit to a specific timeframe for when I would return to coaching.  I didn't know and didn't want to presume to know anything about what life with a newborn would be like!  But what I've discovered is two-fold: I love taking care of this sweet baby and I love being a coach and inspiring real change in the lives of women like you!

Both of these roles BRING ME TO LIFE!!

So, in light of that discovery, I made the decision to open up just 2 1-on-1 coaching spots for the month of September!

When you work with me for 3 months, you'll discover why my clients are:

 Accomplishing more in the first few weeks than they have all year
 Focusing with simple strategy on the most strategic way to start or grow their dream business
 Quitting their 9-5s
 FINALLY feeling confident enough to do what they know they want to do
 Getting unstuck and CLEAR on their next right steps
 Carrying out a simple plan with confidence

So, if you're a high-achieving, motivated woman who's TIRED of feeling stuck, banging her head against the wall and wondering what she's doing wrong, and are ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE this fall, ask yourself--what's it worth to you?

These are the last 2 spots with me before the price goes up to $7500.

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Lots of Love,