I've had an epiphany from living life with little Miss Fiora:

I'm living life in 4-hour days. About every 4 hours, she eats, after which, I sleep.

It's a whole new schedule for me, as you'd imagine, and here's the thing I've realized--if one 4-hour segment is rough, that's ok, because in just a little while, I'll go to sleep, and when I wake up from my nap, it's like a whole new day!!!

If something seems overwhelming, or hard, or unclear, NO PROBLEM. It's like they say about the weather anywhere you live--"If you don't like the weather in XYZ, wait 5 minutes, and it'll change." When I get up, I have a whole new perspective.


Our minds work when we sleep. Often, if we are thinking about something before we go to bed, our subconscious will give us a new answer upon arising!


To me, these "4-hour days" are a microcosm of our regular 24 hour days, reset by periods of sleep.


KNOW that nothing is permanent and that it's your choice how you approach your day, whether it's 4 hours or 24 hours long!


Today, what can you trust is going to be figured out or become clear? What can you let go and rest in, knowing you're where you're supposed to be?


What one step can you take today and trust that that's enough?

Breathe deeply and do it,