I'm home from the hospital now with Fiora Jane, and I've been loving learning about her--she's such a miracle--and this new role I have as mom of a living child. 

As I've continued to reflect on what I learned in the hospital (read part 1 here!), I realized that going back to basics there led to a very powerful lesson about simplifying who we really are.

It's one simple question you can ask yourself:
What's the one question you keep asking other people? What's the one thing you LOVE talking about or reflecting on with others? 

For me, it's this one:

"What's your story?"

I found myself asking this question over and over, in many different forms, of the various nurses, techs, doctors and other care team members I encountered. I learned where they were from, about their families, and connected with many of them over their dreams and experiences.

I was reminded how much I LOVE learning about peoples' stories, giving them strategies and connecting them with others to help them move toward their dreams.

When I was a child, I never knew a stranger. I've often been told I'm a good conversationalist, but there have been many times I've hidden that gift out of fear of what others would think, stress, exhaustion from being in a job that drained me, jealousy, competition, or just being unhappy with life.



The truth is, friends, I've learned that this question reveals so much about me--it's the entryway to how I do what I'm called to do (help other high-achieving, motivated women make THEIR dreams come true). And, as my hospital stays proved, it's totally natural for me. It excites and energizes me, and it doesn't feel like work.

It's my unique gift, my superpower. 

So, tell me, what's YOUR question? What do you LOVE to find out about others? Recognizing the answer and spending more time pursuing it will change your life. 

Lots of love,