Today is a very special Freedom Friday!

I'm overwhelmingly grateful to introduce you to my daughter, Fiora Jane McAlister.

Fiora was born Tuesday, smiling, with her eyes open, ready to embrace the world.

Fiora is Maeve Evalyn's little sister and our rainbow baby, a baby that follows a pregnancy or infant loss and signifies that beautiful moment revealed after a storm. 

Today, I'm celebrating Freedom Friday in a whole new way. I started my own businesses because I love what I do and knew I was meant for more than wasting away in a job I hated. But now, being an entrepreneur and living life on my own terms has new meaning for me.


The countdown has not begun on a maternity leave clock to be back at my dreaded 9-5. I didn't have to decide whether those extra monitoring hospital stays were absolutely necessary (because they would mean having to choose between time with Fiora after she was here or time making sure she was ok before she made her grand entrance). 


It also means I get to continue to be present with Fiora AND with you, using my unique gifts and learning how to be her mom at the same time.


Know that this is possible for you, too, Dreamer. Whatever reason YOU are dreaming of freedom on this Friday, it's possible and I'm here to help show you the way.


So much love,