I've spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past couple of weeks (I'm back in, in fact!), and I've had some major accomplishments.


I got my inbox to zero for the first time EVER. EVER!!!!! A few months ago, that thing was in the THOUSANDS and I wondered how I'd ever get out from under it. Gmail even gave me this nice little message. Why, yes, I think I will enjoy my day.  Thank you, Gmail. :)

The truth is, for me, being in a different environment, free of any chores, meals, laundry, and distractions, has been a Godsend for me to FOCUS even deeper. 

Between hospital stays while at home, I noticed myself feeling more scattered, anxious and overwhelmed about life, work and money.

How can we take this and apply it to everyday life?

This is about being FULLY SUPPORTED to free you up to do what you do best. It can start small--with intentional, ahead-of-time meal prep, with someone sharing the chores, paying someone to clean your house once a month, or hiring out your most hated chore.

You might feel guilty at first, but trust me, this frees up the mind space AND the time you need to be able to focus on what's MOST important.

It also helps me to think about it this way: If I can hire someone to do a chore for less than my hourly rate, it's a wise business move as well! (Work a salaried job? Just divide the first 2 numbers of your annual income (or 3 if you make 6 figures) in half, and that's your rough hourly rate!)

It's time you took a stand for all that you already do and how big your dreams really are. Ask yourself: How does the woman I desire to be act in her business? Is she powerful or scared and hiding out? Does she get help to do what she does best? Then, act "as if!" 

What do you think about this? Email me and let me know!

To your productivity!