Yesterday, I read something that jumped off the page at me: 


"There's always a direct correlation between diluted focus and a diluted bank account."

-Mike Michalowicz

If you're suffering from a "diluted" bank account, chances are very good you have a diluted focus.


Can you relate? 


Are you suffering from "shiny object syndrome," or FOMO (a fear of missing out), so you keep feeling like you need to try a lot of different strategies, hoping one of them will work but knowing deep down that you're not doing any of them well?


We're talking this month about FOCUS. 


My clients come to me for a clear, simple plan, and we utilize the power of FOCUS to get them fast results.


Do you know right now what would be most strategic, or most exciting, or most productive to focus on in your business right now?


If so, are you doing it consistently? If you don't know, or you're not doing it consistently, what's holding you back from taking that action?


Comment below or email me and let me know--I respond to every email! 

Much Love,