I'm here to give it to you straight today: the thing I see MOST often with the high-achieving, motivated go-getters I talk to is that they're keeping themselves stuck. How?

By believing there's something wrong with them. 

When you believe there's something wrong with you, even if it's way, way, deep down, you're keeping yourself a constant holding pattern, and the path between here and your dreams seems unclear and far-off.

How do I know? Because for many years, I was that person. 

Watch this video to find out how I finally let that go and moved past it. 

There's nothing wrong with you, and I'm here to re-frame that for you today. It just means there's something you don't yet know. 

Powerful, right? 

If you're wanting support to move past this stuck place, it's time to take an honest look at whether your actions match your desires. It's about being honest about what you truly value.

I talk to women all the time who say they're SO ready to make a change, so desperate to, yet they say they don't have the money to invest in changing their lives. 

I've got some more straight truth for you: it's not about the money. How do I know? 

Because I've taken the same techniques I use with my private, $5,000 clients and put them into Get Traction On Your Passion a course that's ONLY $197.

And guess what?

Those SAME WOMEN are the ones who've been in my Facebook group, sharing a repetitive, old, tired negative story for MONTHS--I'm confused, I'm frustrated, I'm stuck, I'm drained, I'm scared, I'm discouraged, I don't know what's wrong with me. They have the chance to CHANGE THEIR LIVES for the cost of one nice Friday night out or an outfit that's going to wear out...and they don't take it. They're still wishy-washy. 

Maybe it's fear, but here's a reality check--it's $197, not $50,000. We spend WAY more on WAY less important things ALL THE TIME. What are they so afraid of? 

I don't judge their priorities, because it's their life and they get to choose, but I do see a conflict between their actions and their words--and we all know which speak louder. This may sound harsh, but whining and believing their stuck story isn't doing these women any good, and I'm willing to endure the criticism that might come from me being honest if it means ONE MORE WOMAN changes her life for the better.

How about you? 

If you're ready to get focus, clarity, a simple plan and self-belief to get you UNSTUCK, I invite you to check out Get Traction On Your Passion.

You'll instantly get access to 6 powerful modules and 8 audio trainings from me.

Are you ready to FINALLY move forward and get excited, inspired, encouraged direction?


With lots of (today, tough) love,