You know I keep it real with you, so today's newsletter is coming to you from my hospital bed, where I've spent most of the last several days being monitored. All is well, and I've been grateful for wonderful care and the opportunity to simplify and focus on what I choose. 

Being out of my normal routine has actually been a great time for creativity, insights, and content creation, so expect to hear more from me in the coming hours and days!

I also recorded a podcast from my hospital bed and was featured this week by Win K. Charles on her podcast, Butterflies Of Wisdom!

Hear me discuss my past (nerd alert!), passions and plans for Life With Passion and Miles With Maeve, the non-profit my husband and I founded in memory of our daughter, Maeve. 

Click here to listen to the Butterflies of Wisdom podcast that I was featured on last week!  Look for my name on the podcast from August 11th.

From the iTunes podcast description by host Win Charles: "Butterflies of Wisdom features conversations with those who are making a difference in this world. As a woman who has spent her entire life not allowing cerebral palsy to stop her from achieving her goals, I created this platform so that others out there can share their wisdom and encourage their listeners to make their lives the best they can be!"

Prepare to be inspired!

Happy Monday!