Do you believe things happen for a reason? I I was thrilled with the "coincidence" of meeting a fabulous entrepreneur on my recent trip to Key West.

Sue Cooper, the "Millionaire in Flip Flops," is the founder of Lazy Dog, the adventure company that rented us kayaks for my husband's swim around Key West. 

As a rising star at her job, just a day after winning her company's highest award, Sue quit her job in Connecticut and moved to Key West without a plan. She realized she was miserable, so she took fast action, even though everyone around her thought she was CRAZY!

She created a business and life she LOVES from scratch and shares her secrets with us here!

Plus, she named her business after her dog, who comes to work with her every day--what's not to love? 

When I heard her story, I KNEW I had to share it with you! Check out the interview below and prepare to be inspired, big time!

Here's to a happy short week!