I've noticed a common, recurring theme this week with my clients: they're feeling discouraged. They'd started to question things. On deeper exploration, we discovered one thing was true for each of them: they were TIRED.

Sounds simple, but hang with me for a moment.

When caught in this negative space, I've found the list below really helpful in deciphering what's really going on:


A Checklist For When You're Feeling Guilty, Doubtful or Discouraged:


  • Do you say "yes" when you really mean "no?"
  • Are you consistently aware of what others are thinking or feeling while you feel unsettled or fearful you may be the cause of some upset?
  • Do you always check in first with others about what they desire without checking in with yourself first?
  • Even if you are doing for others, do you feel empty yourself?
  • Are you indirect or vague when describing your needs or choices?
  • Does bringing up something which will rock the boat stress you out?

--- Conscious Language, Robert Tennyson Stevens---


For years, I was a solid "YES" to every.single.one of these questions. Every one!!!!


I felt drained, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, tossed by whatever the day brought and whatever life was throwing my way, helpless to change and frustrated because I couldn't see what I was doing wrong. It was a crazy-making cycle.

I used to think it was impossible for me to solve (even if others had figured it out) and that I had a lifetime of feeling that way ahead of me. It felt really heavy and it kept me stuck, big-time.


Am I the only one?

Now, I've learned the power of taking care of myself first, and that's empowered me to get off the hamster wheel, take a stand for my dreams and desires, and experience the people in my life rising to new levels themselves!


I share that so you'll know this is a journey and it's possible for you to begin to change, one step at a time. In fact, my mission is to help free as many women as possible from feeling this way, so that you can go on to fulfill the purpose that makes you feel fully alive and energized every day, while making a big difference in the world in the process.


Can you relate? Comment (or email me!) and let me know--I read every response and am here to help!

Much Love,