I'm feeling fresh and energized from my full day off yesterday and excited to bring you this Motivation Monday!

I've found over the past 11 years of running my own businesses that regular breaks are key, and it's much easier for me to give myself permission when it's already scheduled on my calendar every week! 

I was feeling tired after an amazing and full week of working with my wonderful clients, creating content for my new course, Get Traction On Your Passion, doctors' appointments, being featured twice on the news and having it shared literally around the world, oh and being in my third trimester with my "rainbow baby." 

So, on a hot, muggy Kentucky summer day, I spent the afternoon curled up on the couch, in the A/C, watching the new Tony Robbins Netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru.


One word that summed it up for me--WOW. I highly recommend it if you're up for some intense, inspiring insight. 


One thing I really connected with was his statement,

"I’ve gone to the darkest, scariest places, and because of that, I can lift people to the highest places."


When he said that, I stopped to make note. I rewound and watched it again. Because my heart said, "That's ME, too!!!!"


And that's why I do what I do every day. That's MY passion, what calls to me--to let women like you know that no matter where you've been, no matter where you are, your big dreams ARE possible for you, and they're possible NOW. That miracles can and do happen when you get clear on what you want and you give yourself permission to go for it.


So add that documentary to your Netflix queue and open yourself up to the possibilities that await you today!


You've got this,