Have you heard? I was on TV this week! My husband, Garrett, and I were featured on the local news earlier this week for our non-profit, Miles With Maeve.

You can watch the 2-minute clip for yourself here:

Miles With Maeve and Life With Passion go hand in hand, both extensions of my mission in this world to help women like you know that no matter what you're going through today or have been through in the past, it's possible not only to survive, but to thrive.

And here's one of the side benefits that I didn't expect of following my own dream: my husband has turned his solo triathlon hobby into something that helps others. This was a desire of mine for years, but I knew it was his choice to make. Now, just like my daughter Maeve was the catalyst for me starting Life With Passion, she was (and is) the inspiration for the mission of our non-profit to support bereaved families.

The really cool and amazing thing is, I've been able to help him build HIS dream by what I've learned by building mine! How incredible is that?

We never know the blessing we'll be to others by pursuing our passions, taking a stand for our dreams, and paying attention to and acting on our intuition.

What's your intuition telling you today? Where can you act on it, trusting that it's going to open unimaginable doors for you AND the people you love?

Hit "reply" and tell me--I'd love to know!

Sending you love and support,