On this Feature Friday, it's such an honor to share my client Caitlyn's story with you. When we started working together, Caitlyn was in a "good job" as an engineer, but was uncertain of just about everything except for two things: she loved horses and she hated her job. Her relationship with her husband was stressed, money was a sore spot, and she was feeling desperate for a change. 

Through our work together, Caitlyn transformed into an energized, creative, hopeful version of herself and discovered her true purpose--helping other women get out of their own ruts and go beyond existing. 

As a bonus along the way, she and her husband became much happier together AND became debt-free! Plus, her horses can sense the change and her riding has improved, just in time for show season!

In Caitlyn's words:

Since working with Christine, my life has continued on an upward spiral of positivity and opportunity! I feel alive and present in my own life and self. My new business is also continuing to grow, with each new client providing my own inspiration and motivation to move away from a 9-5 job I have no passion for. 

The tools Christine has introduced to my life and business have been the keys to success. My life has changed working with her! 

Our weekly calls provided the insight into the questions I was afraid to ask myself, with answers that were never judged. 

Christine created the ultimate learning and self-growth environment for my dream life! 

I cannot recommend working with her enough!

How amazing is Caitlyn?!? To learn more about her and her business, click here.

Remember, if it's possible for Caitlyn, it's possible for you.

Happy Weekend!