Happy Friday! As a mentor to aspiring and growing entrepreneurs, my favorite thing to do is celebrate their successes. 

Megan is an adventurous, animal-loving soul with incredible passion and determination to be a coach who lives a life of freedom while helping others find the same.

When we began working together, Megan had a clear picture for her life and what she wanted out of it, but she was unsure she had skills, talents and abilities that people would pay for. She wasn't sure she could create a business that would allow her to travel, spend time with her horse, and help others overcome their challenges and struggles as she has. She knew she wanted to help others, and she wanted to use horses to do it!

Together, we worked (at the luxurious Four Seasons Scottsdale and via Skype!), and, as Megan shares:

Working with Christine was amazing. I went in to our time together with just a vague idea of what I wanted to do, kind of. I had NOTHING except myself. I remember filling out the questionnaire at the beginning of our time together and spilling all of my hopes and dreams all over the pages. I held nothing back, I let her know all I had planned for myself in the future, all of my big hopes, dreams, and plans. I wrote down where I wanted to be at the end of our time together, some pretty big goals for three months, and guess what? Every single one of them have been met! 

Christine helped me see the skills, talents, and abilities that I bring to the table. She helped me realize that I do have a lot to offer and that I can do this. Now, not in the future, but now. She helped me put everything together and start making things happen. She was just the right coach at just the right time in my life. I ended the program with the confidence in myself and my business that I could move forward with it, with direction in where I was going, and most importantly, confidence in my skills and abilities to help others.

Best of all, Megan is spending her summer traveling the world, training in equine-facilitated coaching in Canada, and spending time learning and giving back in Europe, all while supporting her own clients through Heart And Soul Coaching!

What is that dream for you? Maybe it's travel, maybe it's spending time with your horses, maybe it's not stressing about money anymore. Here's the great news: we ALL have a calling that can fulfill our dreams, and by making a decision to take action and follow hers, Megan is showing YOU what's possible for you, too! 

This is what I help women do every day. MY calling is to help you find and DO yours, in a way that's more fun and exciting than you've ever dreamed!

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Happy Weekend!