I'm here with another Monday Motivation for you because I firmly believe that Mondays absolutely DO NOT have to be filled with dread and stress!

Mondays represent a fresh start and a new week to take another step closer toward your dreams!

Today I want to address a very sensitive pain point: MONEY. 

So often I see women holding themselves back because they say they don't have the money to pursue their dreams.

When you say you can’t afford it, in truth what it means is you don't value this enough to pay for it or to find a way to pay for it (I have said it myself!). You may have heard it said that anger is a secondary emotion. That means that anger as an emotion always results from an underlying primary emotion like pride, embarrassment or fear. I'm here to tell you that money is a secondary reason for not doing something.

Some of you may be like, "That’s crazy, that makes no sense!” But it’s absolutely true. Because money is just a tool.

Consider for a moment the resources we have available to us living in country of wealth.  No matter what your job situation is today, no matter what your life has been like, no matter what your life circumstances are... when you look around you today, the truth is that you and I are richer than 99% of the world. Just comparatively speaking, we are in the 1% of the world, and we have access to resources that the other 99% do not.

Knowing this, it’s truly a belief system that’s holding us back if we say that we don't have the money. It’s a matter of priorities. If you want something bad enough we’re going to find a way to do it, right?

If you’re part of this Life With Passion community, you're a passionate person. You have big audacious dreams. Maybe you’re scared they’re not possible or you don’t know how to get there. But man, you want them! So it’s time to turn off that constant refrain of “Oh well, I would if I had the money. Must be nice for them....” while you watch someone else make their dreams happen.

It's time to pay attention and say “If they’re doing it, maybe that means I can figure out a way to do it. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m independent.” Literally you need to put your money where your mouth is and take a stand for those dreams, knowing that until your behavior changes, nothing in your life is going to change.

To hear me expound on this and gain more inspiration and insight, watch my entire Periscope on this topic HERE.

If you have real, legitimate reasons to prioritize other things in your life over your dream, I completely understand.  But if you realize you've been letting a so-called "lack of money" take the blame for you not following through, it's time to reassess... and I can help!

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I believe in you,