Today, I'm coming to you from Key West, where my husband just completed the 12-mile Swim Around Key West. He did more than finish; he won 2nd in his age group (and a pretty cool conch shell trophy!)

As I've been reflecting on our accomplishments over the 15 months, I was reminded that they all started with one VERY SIMPLE realization: 


We each had a choice. 


We had a choice of how we were going to handle each day after Maeve died. For Garrett, it was starting our non-profit and using endurance sports as a way to raise awareness and funds to support other families like us. For me, it's been a mission of letting other women know that no matter what they've been through or are going through, it's possible to survive it, and not only survive, but to thrive.

You have a choice, too. Every day when you get up, you get to choose how you look at today. Is it one more day in a string of days connected to the past, where you wake up with the weight of yesterday's, last month's, last year's decisions on your shoulders and drag them into how you operate today?

Or is it a brand-new, unfettered day full of possibilities for your future?

In Jen Sincero's awesome book, You Are A Badass (one of my Top 10 book recommendations; grab the other 9 here), she asks you to imagine you're an alien who just landed in your body. What strengths would you see? What opportunities? What possibilities? 


You wouldn't be focusing on all the negatives or all of the mistakes or things you wish you hadn't done in the past. You'd be gung-ho, ready to go today, excited to make the most of this incredible chance you have to move forward and make your dreams come true. 


I talk in today's Periscope about this in more detail; watch here below and get inspired like the many people who joined in the lively discussion: 

Watch The One Realization Periscope here.

Remember, Dreamer, it all comes down to this: you DO have a choice today. It's your most basic, God-given right and privilege. 


What choice are you going to make?

I believe in you,