It’s Friday. If you’re still in a job that’s dragging you down and draining your energy, you’re feeling a sense of relief that once you leave for the day, you don’t have to go back for 60-something hours. If you’re working on growing your business, chances are you’re thinking about how much work you can fit in over the weekend to get ahead, and the thought may be overwhelming to you. 

When you’ve been grinding away at something that you don’t like, or at something that isn’t working for you as well as you want, it’s totally natural to feel drained and full of doubt. 

I have a question that can totally shift your thinking, right away:


What’s been inspiring you lately?


Every time I start to feel down, I’ve learned that I can make a choice about whether to focus on it and let that drag me into a downward spiral of feeling anxious and overwhelmed, or to CHOOSE to focus on something that will move me closer to the life of my dreams.

Here's an example. 


Lately, I’ve been visualizing and feeling most inspired by the equine love of my life, Graley. I’m visualizing moving him close by and riding him all the time—something I’ve been advised not to do while pregnant. 


So by focusing on how he will be with me, and how good that will feel, everything—the possibilities, the energy, the excitement about what’s ahead—flows out of that place. Not worrying about HOW it’s all going to work out, but how amazing it’s going to feel—the smell of leather, grain, horse sweat…it brings a huge smile to my face.


I’ve found him the perfect barn full of other horse-loving women, close to my house, surrounded by trails, run by a trainer we can learn from, with a nice, clean, indoor arena so I can ride in all seasons…and it’s going to be amazing. 


In my mind, it’s already done, and I’m already enjoying it.

I know that feeling of flying through the air over jumps, of posting the trot until my legs are jelly, of keeping him in a collected canter a little bit longer than we’d had the strength to before. 

What about you? 


When my private clients receive their introductory welcome pack to get them clear on what they want from our time together, one of the questions I ask is “What does your ideal day look like?” SO many of them describe being out at the barn, or spending time with their families, traveling, relaxing, and having time to do what they actually WANT. 


What you focus on expands, so when you spend time envisioning those amazing dreams you have, you're actually bringing them closer to you.

Set a timer for just 5 minutes and try this today! 

Lots of Love,


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