This week, I finished the book The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. 

One of the biggest lessons I took from it was to commit first, and figure out how to make it happen along the way. The author argues that commitment, NOT having the right plan or knowing all of the "hows" before we start, is the key ingredient in success. Commitment.

It doesn't require any money, any time, any degrees or programs; it's a choice that only YOU are capable of making and sticking with.

So often, as women, we feel the need to do exactly the opposite--to plan, to prepare, to work on lowering risk, to look at all the reasons it might or might not work for us. We get caught up in our stories (or the stories of those close to us) of how things haven't worked out in the past or why now's not the right time or why our dreams aren't practical, and we once again resign ourselves, with a sigh, to staying practical, safe, and waiting for someday.

Those dreams you have are yours for a reason. So I have a question for you:

Are you committed?

Are you the kind of woman who sticks to things once she decides she's going for them, or do you discover reasons why something isn't a great idea when you hit resistance or challenges along the way?

Maybe you feel like you've tried your best and haven't seen the movement or success you want in your business yet. Maybe you've come up against some circumstances or obstacles that have really derailed your progress.

The good news: you can still commit, TODAY, to seeing your dreams through. 

Maybe you've been thinking about getting on the phone with me for a life-changing 30-minute coaching session (FREE!), but you've been too nervous or have dismissed it.

Did you know these calls are for EVERYONE? Well, everyone who's COMMITTED TO:

  • Not living in the story of your past anymore
  • Going to the next level
  • Getting the support you need to change your life

    Even if you're dealing with a tough time in your business, this is for you if you want:
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • A clear sense of direction
  • To be challenged and encouraged 
  • To know your next right steps

Here's what just a few women who've taken me up on this offer have said:

-"You changed my life!" 

-"It was amazing! I enjoyed every minute and it has really inspired me!"

-"To anyone ruminating over whether you should book a session, I'll say this...I loved mine (did I say that already?) Give yourself a chance at your best chance." 

-"Y'all need to book with this amazing woman. I talked with her today and the truth she spoke still has me with my jaw on the floor. REAL DEAL right here. Talented & wise -- she can help you big time!!!"


Women are seeing huge movement and gaining the courage to take their next steps just by giving themselves the gift of this half-hour!


As George Addair said, "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear," so take a stand for those dreams and for your commitment to them today.

Use my expertise to guide you and come away with a fresh, excited, motivated perspective on what the future holds for YOU and your dreams.

Commit to them today. 


So much love and belief,