Today I want to share a short video with you on how I create consistent monthly income--and it's a practice you can adopt today, for free.

In the beginning of my businesses, I struggled with a major up-and-down pattern of a big month, then nothing the next, then another big month, then nothing the next, and maybe even the one after that. I had big goals and ambitions, but I wasn't hitting my targets. I kept asking myself and everyone around me, "What am I missing?!?!"

I beat myself up, stressed myself out from the inconsistent income (not to mention my sweet, very structured husband), and with jealousy and a spirit of competition watched others around me being consistent, feeling like they were getting farther ahead, and taking business from me.

I was coming from a place of desperation, so everyone seemed to be doing better than me, and I kept coming up with a bunch of ideas, spreading myself thin, throwing stuff against the wall here and there to see if any of it stuck. 

Not so pretty, eh? But you know I'm always going to be real with you, and that's the truth. 

What finally changed for me? 

My mentor challenged me to get consistent. She told me that before I started anything new, I needed to prove that I could be consistent for 90 days. Challenge accepted! I got focused, set 1 CLEAR GOAL, and went for it. 

I created systems to bookend my days that have generated consistency in my income now, too, and I'm sharing them with you in this video. Ready for your dose of inspiration (with a little bit of Christine-crazy mixed in)? Watch now!

Now set up your own systems, and experience the joy and PEACE of consistent income for yourself!

Here's to June being your biggest month ever!