Today, I bring you a little bit of tough love and truth from my heart.

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Here it is: 

I don’t have a lot of patience for women who keep complaining about not being able to do something because of x, y or z excuse: no money, no time, no direction, etc. In fact, I’ve turned down working with potential clients because they were so focused on why something couldn’t work that THAT was their truth, the only possibility they were open to.


Not long after Maeve died, I realized I had a choice. I could use her loss—one that psychiatrists call the worst we can experience—for good, or I could crawl into a closet with cases of wine and not come out. Please hear me—whose grief is worse is NOT a competition. But I did find some comfort in knowing that if what those researchers said was true, then if I survived it, I could survive anything.


So I decided I was going to make a change. I was angry that I was still in maternity pants and didn’t have a baby to show for it. So I reached out to a friend who’d had great results with her workout (21 Day Fix), and I decided I was going to get past my guilt about spending money on myself and try it, because it was CHEAPER THAN BUYING ALL NEW PANTS.


Within 2 weeks, I was back in my regular pants. I decided to sell the workout for a time and donate all the commissions to be the startup funds for our non-profit, Miles With Maeve, and the charities it supports. It was a great learning experience and built my confidence that I could make smart choices for myself and help others at the same time, during a time in my life when I was searching for meaning.

That small win gave me the confidence to take a bigger risk and hire my first coach to grow and improve my online marketing business, the one I'd been running for a decade. What I discovered on that journey, with her insight, was that my true desire was to help other women become entrepreneurs by using all of the things I’d learned in building & running businesses, and combining them with my intuition and training as a career counselor & professor.

I wouldn’t be here with you if it wasn’t for taking that risk.

And it was a risk; I almost threw up when I pressed “Pay Now” to sign up.

Why do I share all of this with you?

Here’s the TRUTH:

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers right now. NO one ever does when they’re starting out--that’s a lie, and believing it keeps us stuck because we’ll NEVER have all of the answers, and so as long as we think we need to, we’ll never move forward!

Your job is to:

1. Be open & seeking the answers. They WILL come.

2. TAKE ACTION when your intuition speaks to you, and not be ruled by the fear-based part of your brain that’s designed to keep you safe from attacks from tigers, but still reacts the same when you’re taking almost any kind of risk.

3. Repeat.


My clients have told me, “I don’t know WHY I just happened to click on your Facebook ad—I never do that—but thank God I did, because you’ve changed my life.”


What if they’d never clicked on that ad or gotten over the fear or anxiety or weirdness they felt about reaching out and connecting? They’d likely still be in the same place they were when they came to me—stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused.

So take a deep breath and check in with yourself—what is your intuition telling you to do? What small step can you take today to honor it, yourself, and your dreams?

Comment or drop me an email and let me know—I’d love to hear and support you in it!

And don't forget to check out the Periscope if you want to see me get really passionate about this :) 


Lots of love and belief in you,