This weekend was full of unexpecteds for me.

As I shared in Life With Passion Society (there's a picture there if you want to see it!), on Friday night I passed out when I got out of bed at midnight (thanks low blood pressure!), and I wound up with 11 stitches after a lovely night in the ER. On Friday, the 13th. With a full moon. Yeah, that totally happened. I am now sporting a bright red shade of eye shadow on my eyelid in addition to an eyebrow with an "interesting" shape!


Last week, we also took a day to re-record a webinar that had inexplicably cut out halfway through, and a Periscope that had such horrible audio it was unusable. 


As I rested this weekend, (watching cute animal videos online, naturally), I thought about how different my response to these things is now than it would have been a year ago. 


Here are my big takeaways so far:


1. Look for the positives. Instead of asking "Why me?" directing your energy toward what good could be in this situation can be so helpful! Here's an example:

"Well, this eye has always been my wonky one, I'm going to ask them to tack it up a little more while they're in there (I did, and they did! Winning!)."


2. Put it in perspective. What have you already survived or been through that helps you look at this differently? For me, losing Maeve gave me a whole new way to look at the world. A gash in my forehead? No big deal (especially because I don't have any photo shoots coming up!). Technical difficulties? I've got this. Be grateful for the new lens you have through which to view these things that pop up.

3. Go easy on yourself. Most of us who are high-achieving, driven women have a hard time with this one. I was honestly surprised at how easily it came to me to give myself a full weekend break, something that hasn't come easily to me in the past. 

4. Look for the humor. Half of my face looks surprised now. Yes, I was that person in the ER on a full moon Friday the 13th. When my grandma had eye surgery, she loved to freak me out--now I get to do the same to her! Not to mention, the eye puns are practically never-ending.

Remember, life is 90% how you respond to the 10% that happens to you (Charles Swindoll).

What situation or experience can you look upon with new eyes today (pun intended!)? 

Where have you been concentrating so hard on the obstacles, how you were wronged, what you DON'T have, or why you CAN'T do something, that it's become your sole focus? 

I read in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind that we essentially grow a new body every 11 months! And psychology tells us that we create a new habit, helpful or not-so-helpful, in 21 days. So, today is a fresh start!

What do you want to change your perspective on TODAY? Hit reply and let me know!

"Eye" believe in you, :)