Today, Feature Friday, I'm so excited to inspire you with Alli's story and her amazing business.

Alli had been working on her beautiful business, Longbourn Farm, for months, but she wasn't quite sure how to make it work for her. 

She has a wealth of education and experience (published by Hobby Farms and others!), is a great teacher, and is full of passion for helping landowners maximize their acreage and bring their dreams of a happy life in the country to reality. 

If you're struggling with successfully following through on a project for your farm and want some customized support, check out Longbourn Farm or follow her on Instagram!

Here's a note from Alli about our time together:

"Working with Christine was the turning point my business and my confidence needed. She helped me focus on my goals, ideal client, and most importantly, totally changed my mindset. Not only am I leaps and bounds ahead with my business, I'm also in a better place emotionally.

Christine taught me how to make progress in all the areas I wanted to - target audience, my brand, advertising, and a plan for income. But she taught me how to make the progress in a way that felt right for me and my brand, and helped me maintain a good state of mind while doing it.

The difference between where I was before we started and where I am at now is amazing.

I went from being very frustrated,
stressed, and doubtful to being peaceful, productive, and successful.

Her oft-shared phrase from Marie Forleo, "That is figure-out-able!" will always be my calming mantra.

Christine isn't just your coach for 3 months - she becomes your mentor, ally, and friend and gives you tools you don't even know you need to be successful long-term. I can't recommend her enough!"

It's been a privilege to support Alli in discovering exactly who she's called to serve and watch her confidence and business blossom!

All My Best,