Today, I want to share something really personal with you--a lesson I've learned in giving over the past 15 months, and how I'm inviting you to be a part of it. 


After Maeve passed and I returned home from hiding out at my parents' house for weeks (not brushing my hair), I made an appointment with my therapist.


She refused to accept payment and instead instructed me to take that amount and "buy something that gives you life."


This rose tree with fragrant, huge, bright red roses, the same color as Maeve's lips, was my instant choice.

Now, over a year later, a female cardinal has chosen this special little "tree" as the place to build her nest!

I'm in awe of her decision, an unlikely one as it's right by our sliding glass doors and often sniffed by our dogs, but it means we get to watch her raise her brood from our kitchen table and celebrate another gift from Maeve's short life. 


I've also recently learned from one of my amazing clients that cardinals are a sign that someone in heaven is thinking of you--even more perfect. 


The kindness we experienced after her loss keeps on giving life, not only to us, but now to a new generation of birds who will inspire others with their beauty.


Surrounding ourselves with people who have similar values, being open to receiving, and being present in the moment opens us up to see these kinds of everyday miracles--all things I've come to realize in the past 15 months.


I want to invite you into the celebration on a personal level, in a way that will give you life, as well as others you may never meet. One of the ways I give back is by regularly donating on behalf of each member of my exclusive Facebook group, Life With Passion Society.


Just by being a member, you make your voice heard for your dreaming & doing sisters around the world who need access to education, microloans, and resources to make THEIR small business dreams come true. Together, we further the mission of Life With Passion to help as many women in the world as possible to thrive.


We recently celebrated reaching 500 members with a group-determined donation from Life With Passion to provide career training for women, specifically struggling mothers, through the great work of World Vision. 


Today, I invite you to join this incredibly encouraging, supportive, motivated tribe of women united by our vision of our big dreams. Before I started this work, I had experienced women being competitive, catty, and negative--not so with this group I'm so blessed to lead. Check it out, make your voice heard, your vote count, and get amazing support from me and your fellow sisters along the way.

Join us today!

All my love,