Do you know and truly believe how capable you are? 


If you're anything like me, you may not. 


As a high-achieving people-pleaser, I often got complimented on how good I was at X, Y or Z, or how capable I was. But...deep down, I didn't believe it myself, and THAT lack of self belief was what held me back for YEARS.

Far too many years.


I had a "fixed mindset," believing that if I wasn't good at something right away (sports, doing my hair, dating, math), I shouldn't keep doing it. And if I WAS good at something (writing, performing, leading), maybe I wouldn't be perfect, so I was scared to really go for it, and I held back.


What changed?


I started looking around at others I admired (or was jealous of), and came to realize, understand, and truly believe that success has more to do with ACTION than any innate ability. (Did you catch that? It's pretty important.) I got outside my own obsession with what I was doing wrong, or why it wasn't possible for me, enough to see that there were plenty of people out there who weren't so worried about being perfect. Maybe they were as naturally good at something as me, maybe not, but they were TRYING things, and they were doing it consistently, and THAT's what was moving them forward. 


I learned that clarity [and success] comes from being engaged in something, NOT from thinking [and ruminating, and obsessing] about it (Marie Forleo).

So I got some help from someone who I knew would kick my butt, who would give me some REAL accountability, and I STARTED from where I was, with what I had. 

Within weeks, my life totally changed for the better, and my excitement and motivation galloped in with a force I hadn't felt since I was young. It's as if I just needed to take that first step for a bunch of doors to open up for me, my dreams, and my future. 


All your dreams, all your hopes, all your success lie on the other side of fear, and come through action.


Tell me, what will it take for you to take that first step? And what is that first step for you? Leave a comment or drop me an email and let me know--I'd love to hear from you! 


You are enough,