It’s a brand new month!

I LOVE a new month;
it’s full of promise and possibility.

And with the arrival of spring here in the US, there’s new life and beauty everywhere you look. We’re also a quarter of the way through 2016 already--can you believe it?

Just a year ago, though, my April 2 was completely different. My husband and I were basically in hiding at my parents’ in Nashville, reeling from the sudden loss of our daughter, Maeve, less than a month before.

We were trying to figure out how to begin to live in this new reality where we were now, not the couple who had a brand new baby to show off, but the people whose baby had died.


I didn’t brush my hair for 2 weeks--what was the point? I walked around in a daze, recovering from the challenges of a physically difficult delivery, not to mention the overwhelming emotional ones.

Today, a year later, the grief is still with me, of course. It always will be, since she’s not. But as I reflect on the last year’s journey, I’m amazed at how much has changed. I started Life With Passion to share and inspire other women that no matter what you’ve been through, it’s possible not only to survive, but to thrive, and I’ve now worked with women around the world and supported thousands of others in moving toward the lives of their big dreams. My income tripled. 5 months ago, my husband and I moved into our dream house.

I don’t share these things to brag, but to show you what’s possible for YOU too, Dreamer! A year ago, none of these things seemed even remotely possible for me.

What changed?

I got honest about what I wanted from life, what kind of a difference I wanted to make in the world, and I got help and support to do it. I KNOW the same is possible for you, too

Right now, Dreamer if you're honest, do you feel like you’re surviving, or thriving?

Comment below and let me know--I respond to every message and I’d LOVE to know where you are at this moment.


So much love,