Do you always have an ongoing to-do list?  

I’ve always been a to-do list DORK! Ever since middle school, I have loved my day-timer, to-do list, and checking things off of it.


Anyone else with me?


At some point in my journey, I realized that no matter how much I kept those to-do lists, I wasn’t keeping on top of everything I wanted to get done.




Because I was coming at it from the wrong angle. I was approaching it in a way that felt like pressure, and stress, and like all my work was never enough.


And I burned out over it. I started resenting my business. I started dreaming of the steady paycheck of a 9-5 again. WHAT? I know. That’s how burnt out I was.


So, at burnt-out/fried-to-a-crisp, I figured it out.


This one shift I’m about to share changed everything for me, when it came to my to-dos and increasing my productivity.

Here it is:


Think about the reasons all of these things are on your to-do list. What does it MEAN to get these things done? What does doing these do FOR YOU?


No more are you a slave to a taskmaster of a to-do list; you are working in support of your dreams and your vision for your life.


It’s one thing if I get up and look at my long to-do list as drudgery. Notice the difference when you look at what’s on it and think about how doing each thing will move you toward your dreams!


Extreme drudgery example: Getting my taxes ready. Ick, who wants to take time to do that (except if you’re getting a big refund)? So we put it off…


UNLESS we flip it around and look at it as getting our affairs in order, staying legal, proving that we’re organized and running a legitimate business and knowing that we’re all properly taken care of and that we can lay our head on the pillow and sleep at night because we were honest, above board, and doing something most people are terrified of doing.


See the difference?


What you focus on expands. So, focus on WHY you’re doing it, not on how much you have to do. Focus on WHY you are doing it, not on the external pressures that are causing you feel like it’s a chore or a bore or a nightmare or whatever.


Here are some of my “WHYS” for my business:

  • To help as many women as possible believe it’s possible to, and actually experience getting free and creating the lives THEY want, like I have
  • To pay medical bills for friends and family who get sick
  • To travel to see in person the things I’ve dreamed about and read about
  • To bless my parents for their sacrifices
  • To become financially free, not worry ANYMORE about money
  • To make my own schedule
  • To not be controlled by someone else’s agenda or clock
  • To know that I am FREE to follow my intuition and make my own decisions
  • To live my big dreams and know there was a reason for them all along
  • To make a big difference in other peoples’ lives

See how much bigger those are than my mundane to-dos on their own?

They give meaning. As humans, we THRIVE on meaning. When we can connect to that meaning, we change our outlook on life. We focus on the positive. The possibilities become apparent. Our lives change.


Focusing on what these things are going to allow us to do gives us the motivation and the energy to attack the most important to-dos.

That’s WHY you get up and work harder and focus on your future and put in the extra hours and deal with hassles.


Your WHY transforms your today AND your future.


These things give us the motivation and the energy to attack the most important to-dos--what these things are going to allow you to do. Your to-dos become stepping stones rather than barriers.



“No luck--or anything else worthwhile--will come your way unless you take some form of action.”  -T. Harv Eker


Focus on opportunities and dreaming big instead of obstacles, as rich people do. Take responsibility to make your WHY happen--it IS possible, when you take action toward it, big or small, every day.


Approach your life out of your why, and you will find internal motivation and energy stores you never knew you had.

I believe in you,