Have you ever been guilty of forgetting all of the awesome stuff you've done?

Back in the Unique Gifts Webinar (which you should listen to if you haven't already, it's full of life-changing stuff!!!!), I recommended you create what I call a "Confidence Resume."

In this Confidence Resume, you include all the great stuff you've done--extracurricular awards, recognitions, adventures, obstacles you've overcome, things you've accomplished. Use your friends and family and ask them to help you remember (if you're anything like me, your memory becomes suspiciously bad when trying to recall why you're so great).

See what you come up with, and how good it makes you feel!

I'd love if you even wrote back and shared it with me once you've completed it!

Here's what made me think of this--
Yesterday, I took a call with a friend of a mentor who was referred to me for help with his online marketing strategy. He has a thriving business, I'll admit, I was a little bit nervous.

Man, though, I gave him an hour of my time that was worth THOUSANDS to his business and left me super-confident about the value I have to offer, and all of the knowledge I've acquired over the past decade as an online marketing expert.

I got off the phone after the guy kept remarking, "This is mind-blowing! This is amazing! You are such an expert!," "How can you help me?," and I remembered, "I am a WHIZ at marketing!!!!" 
I actually turned him down on working with him, because I'm that clear on whose life & business I most want to support, and I'm keeping space in my life for THOSE people. But I was SO happy to pay it forward for my mentor, and it felt great to be able to do that, and not feel desperate enough for the money that I worked with someone I didn't feel was the perfect fit.

Now, my friends, my focus is helping driven, motivated, high-achieving, dreaming-and-doing women like YOU market your business with strategy and a clear, easy-to-follow, custom plan that works for YOU, accounts for and your strengths and weaknesses, and easily brings you out of feeling stressed and frustrated, not knowing if your efforts are working, to making it feel hopeful, productive, and at peace with the direction your life and business are taking. 

I'm an absolute expert at quickly discerning my clients' strengths and weaknesses and designing a personalized plan around them.

So stop telling yourself that you don't know enough about business to launch yours.

If you're looking for a sign, HERE IT IS!

You. Can. Do. This. And I can help :)

I believe in you,