The world needs you.


Maybe that sounds a little cheesy to you, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it’s that letting our light and stories shine gives other people permission to do the same.


A year ago, in the horrific first days after losing my daughter, there’s a lot I didn’t know.


I could have never foreseen that by March 2016:

I’d be used to bring healing, help and hope to thousands of women around the world.

I’d be a vehicle to help bring awareness to stillbirth (one out of every 160 pregnancies!) and be a face of infertility (3 miscarriages).

Going after my dreams would lead me to Europe, to start a company out of my true passions, to help other women quit their jobs and live their dreams.

My dream-come-true horses would spread hope and possibilities to many others who dream of their own, too.

My story, accomplishments, achievements, experiences, travels, and adventures would be an example of what’s possible for other high-achieving, motivated women who dream of and know they’re meant for something more.

I’d get to move into my dream house and stop waiting for “someday.”

I’d travel the world in the space of a year--London, Italy, Florida, Scottsdale, California, Virginia, Texas, Nashville, New Orleans...and have trips this year planned to Paris, Key West, Chattanooga, The Greenbrier, and more!

I’d start making 6 figures with a flexible schedule, doing work I was without a doubt made to do, and that I grew from a solopreneur near burnout to a dream team of 3.

I’d come to finally love and accept myself in a way I never have before.

I’d have beat my fears of being visible, perfection, and what people think!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

I’d be in the best physical shape of my life.


I’d have conquered a lifelong lack of confidence & self-belief.

And I give so much credit to my little Maeve Evalyn, whose first birthday we celebrated this month, for jump-starting it all and giving me the guts to go down this path.


What are you facing right now that you think you can’t overcome?  What is it that, instead of being the thing that drags you down completely, will get turned upside down and become your greatest catalyst?


Earlier this week I boldly asked you if you were the victim or the volunteer


When I look at the list above, I am amazed. It truly all started with one simple choice to be open. Open to my dreams, open to a new direction, open to following my heart.


Never forget that very same choice is yours. Where could YOU be in a year?


Much Love and Belief,