Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling anxious--my mind off and running with to-dos already, reminding me what’s next, listening to see if our out-of-town guests were stirring yet, thoughts racing--in a word, overwhelmed.


I’m all too familiar with this feeling.


In fact, dear one, not that long ago, I would have just accepted that this was the way I woke up, so until something hopefully took me out of it, that’s how it was going to be.


But yesterday, I headed downstairs to my office to grab my journal and book to start my mind-correcting morning ritual. And as SOON as I walked in, a fresh wave of amazing energy and inspiration hit, and the anxiety and overwhelm dissipated like a bad smell that’s been neutralized by a clean one.



Because I was surrounded by the amazing women I work with, and those I dream of reaching. Their dreams, struggles, personalities, achievements, and frustrations line all the walls of my office, and seeing that was an IMMEDIATE mindset shift back to my mission, my “why.”


It was like someone flicked on a light that banished every dark, doubting, or nagging thought, and now everything was illuminated.


The amazingly capable women who are going for their big dreams, with my support and direction, after feeling stuck, dissatisfied, and frustrated for so long--they are my “why.”


Knowing now that I’ve done the work and gotten the help to determine my unique purpose and clarify my true calling after years of searching for it on my own…


Knowing that I’m making a real difference in the lives of my clients, the Life With Passion community, their families (by helping alleviate stress and angst, bring laughter and lightness back, reducing stress, cutting out “retail therapy” overspending because they are satisfied with their lives), getting them solidly on the path to their goals with a clear plan and direction to replace their income so they can quit their jobs, realize their dreams of helping others and doing the work they were meant to’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.

So, what's your "why"?

Focusing on your "why" is how YOU banish the overwhelm.

I know you have these same thoughts and dreams, Dreamer. You want to escape your 9-5 for good and live a life full of freedom, flexibility, and adventures like travel, the luxury of time, and the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about money anymore.


Join these women.

Ditch the frustration, the draining cycle of feeling like someday might never come, feeling scared your dreams won’t come true, and being stuck in procrastination and overwhelm.


Listen to your heart that wants you to believe it’s possible for you, too. You are exactly where you are, reading this message, for a reason, and this is your invitation to connect with me today.

Much Love,