Happy Bonus Day! I hope you're doing something special with this extra day. 

I'm writing today because this week marks the 1-year anniversary of arrival of my daughter Maeve’s departure from and arrival to Earth.

She’s the reason I started Life With Passion, so in her honor, I’m getting vocal about how fierce I feel about making the most of our time here on Earth--and to show you that the most winding paths can lead you to your dream life!!!!

A bit of my professional journey:

I’ve always been an overachiever, internally motivated, but embarrassed to talk about it. A driven, high-achieving, encouraging, dreaming & doing woman who lacked confidence and self-belief for the longest time, despite external evidence to the contrary!

The "Real Job" Phase:


I was invited to be a professor at age 23, at a top communications school, the same year I won international awards including a Telly for my 1st documentary, my grad school thesis project, and acquired my very first horse (today I have 6).

I became a full-time career counselor at a large university to help others realize their dreams every day, and while I was very effective, the 9-5 WASN’T for me, so I built my first business on the side, praying to get laid off so I wouldn’t have to make the choice myself and risk failing.


And the turning point:


Eventually it came down to being with my now-husband or the job, so I chose love, and working on my own for the first time, I replaced my income in the first month!

I’ve worked at 3 Olympic Games while running 4 successful businesses I founded with no start-up capital out of my passions--online marketing, consulting, agriculture, and one I co-founded in natural cleaning.

It all goes to use for you now. 

Now, I support the woman who knows she’s meant for more than a regular job, to do work she loves but she’s feeling stuck, stressed, frustrated, and discouraged that it hasn’t happened yet.

She knows she’s smart, she’s in love with her dreams, but she’s struggling with doubt and fear that they won’t come true, and that she’s doing something wrong. She, too, wants to help people, spend more time with those she loves and the animals she loves so much, and make more money so that she doesn’t worry about it anymore!!!!

To get there, she needs a clear, personalized, strategic plan that works for her strengths, encouragement that’s founded in reality, just the right amount of challenging (she’s strong, she can take it!), and belief from someone who’s been there that she’s not crazy or unrealistic and she IS capable.

Each of my rockstar clients are making huge strides within 1-2 weeks because they’re finally working with someone who GETS it and is 1000% on board with making their dreams happen. One of my clients recently got her first paying client WITHOUT even launching any of her marketing--that’s how clear we got on who SHE was going to help first!

I’ve been to hell in the last year, and I survived and came back to help each of you know that no matter what you’ve faced or are facing, it’s possible to survive and then to thrive, not only in spite of that pain, but BECAUSE of the person that pain has grown you into.

So be open. Find the person who GETS you and can help you make YOUR dreams happen, and do whatever you have to do to work with them. It WILL change your life for the better, bring you closer to the vision you have in your heart, and will likely be the BEST investment you've ever made in yourself. 

Life is short, it’s unpredictable, and 90% of it is the way we respond to the 10% that’s happened to us. So it's really up to you to make the choice for yourself (which is a good thing)!

I believe in you,