This weekend, my husband, my 3-month-old and I are at Faith's Lodge, a retreat in rural Wisconsin for families who've lost a child.

It's our second trip here, but the first since I started Life With Passion. This time, I noticed something startling. 

Our group facilitator, John, asked the same powerful questions I ask of my clients. Questions that get under the surface and help us get conscious of what's going on underneath. My favorite from this weekend:

"What are you pretending not to know about yourself, and how does that serve you?"

Whoa. As my husband says, "Heavy." :)

I LOVE powerful questions. Questions like this one help us process grief and check in with ourselves on the journey of learning to live in our new worlds.

The same powerful questions help you process what's holding you back from starting that dream business, or growing it where you want it to be.

It's like cleaning up your computer & emptying its trash when you're about out of storage space. Answering those questions frees up space in your mind, space that you can then fill strategically with what you CHOOSE. Space for strategies, space for structures, space for SELF-BELIEF and confidence. All of this, combined with action, not only feels AMAZING, but is a recipe for success in business and in life.

"What are you pretending not to know about yourself, and how does that serve you?"

I answered that I'm pretending not to know just how much I manage the more emotional part of me, because sometimes "going there" feels really scary. It's common for grief to feel out of control and I looooove structure & order, so it's especially uncomfortable for me. It serves me by giving me an illusion of being in control or safe. Now that I recognize this, I can evaluate whether it's truly useful and contributes to my overall goal of being healthy and happy, or if it detracts, and it's time to look at making a different choice.

I have discovered SO many parallels between the grief journey and the entrepreneurial journey. There's a lot of fear and uncertainty in both, and in both, getting conscious of it is what allows us to address it and to move forward toward what we want rather than staying stuck day after day, year after year, because we're scared of the uncertainty.

No matter if we're grieving, starting a business, or both, we all need someone to walk alongside us, ask us the powerful questions, and support us in discovering the answers. That's why I do what I do.

What do you think? Does this make sense to you? How about you? What are you pretending not to know about yourself, and how does that serve you?

Email me and let me know! 

Much love,