Output: 13 pages

Well, my writing retreat is done! I'm on my way home, and the book now has 87 pages. My goal was 100, and with no idea how fast I could actually write when given the time to do it, and only 4 full days instead of 5, I feel really good about that progress.

I'm proud that my stress-induced habits of procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm didn't cause me to aimlessly search Facebook and the rabbit holes of Google and Pinterest the whole week (been there, done that; I should have a t-shirt).

I'm grateful that I was supported. I realized halfway through that feeling fully supported was key to me actually accomplishing this--I could "outsource" parts of my brain, knowing that things were taken care of, and focus on writing. I was supported by so many:

-by my husband, who took care of Fi
-by the coffee shops who kept 'em comin'
-by the preparation we'd done before in making meals
-by my entrepreneurial support system (mastermind partners, coach, amazing assistant, ledge-talker-offers)
-by a perfect little cabin
-by all of you who encouraged me and walked along with me <3

Both coffee shops where I spent multiple days want me to let them know when the book is done so they can promote it, and even the UPS driver at one of them asked me to let him know too!

Now as I head back home I will be creating space on my calendar each day to make continued progress going forward, to accomplish my goal of getting 3 sample chapters and other required materials to the 2 agents waiting for them by December 31.

Garrett and I split this single-serve bottle of yummy Italian prosecco to celebrate :)

So, cheers, ladies, to progress! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

All my love,