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Well look what showed up on the screen saver on the cabin TV! <3

Day 4 was my most productive yet, but it started slowly. I checked in with myself (something I've been learning to do more) and realized I was too tired to write when I first got up to feed Fi. So, I went back to bed, and I practically jumped straight out of bed at 9 (!) with a whole chapter running through my mind! I went straight to write it down while it was there!

On my way to the coffee shop, I made a quick detour to Signal Point to take in the view (amazing). The 20 degree temps were refreshing and seemed to help me wake up even more!

I wrote for 2 sessions, a morning and afternoon, and my brain didn't get as tired as the day before, but I quit instead because I needed a break from the emotion of it. It just HURT and I knew I could keep writing, but I also wanted to stop and rest and be with my little family, so I did. <3

One day left!!!