Output: 16 pages

A little cardinal showed up to brighten my day and let me know I was on the right track (see him?).

I did my best to clear my brain early, getting things off to my assistant so I could really focus where I wanted to be--with my writing.

I put on "getting things done" subliminal/binaural music (found on YouTube) and listened to it on my phone while at the coffee shop.

I set it up so that if I picked up my phone to do anything else, the music would stop, which held me accountable and set up a trigger for catching myself and staying on task more than I would have otherwise (I still had plenty of self-caused interruptions!).

Took a mid-afternoon break to shower (important) and re-charge, then headed back out to a different space for a couple more hours.

Plenty of tears again, but I know that these come from the most powerful parts of my story, so they tell me something important is happening.

I'd loved to have been "on" and banging out the pages many more hours a day, but when I reached the "region of inefficiency," where I was just staring at the page, off into space, or fantasizing about which item on the coffee shop menu to order even though I was full, I decided to call it a day and celebrate the progress.

To your progress and mine,