Output: 12 pages

Day 2 didn't go quite as planned. Fiora woke up in the 4s, and I only consider morning anything beginning with 5 or bigger :). So, after being up with her for an hour while it was still "night," I went back to bed and slept later than I normally would.

Then, by the time I got out to the one coffee shop on the mountain, they closed within an hour!

I regrouped in the afternoon and found a place a few minutes farther away, and even though I almost didn't go in because it looked wayyyyy too cool for me (something out of Zoolander!), I managed to work there for an hour or so.

So, having ingested my weight in almond milk tea lattes, I ended the day with 12 pages down and more info about how I was going to be productive the next day than I'd started with.

I worked on the hardest part for me, Maeve's story, in the morning, and cried off all the mascara I'd just applied, wiping it away with a paper towel (you make do when you're renting a place :). Easier-to-write stuff came later.

I also made the decision that I would just write while I was here, no editing. That part comes easily to me, so I can do that at home. This time is devoted to getting it out on paper, even full of errors. I stop myself when I want to go back and correct, and I keep writing.

My handwriting, which has never been very good since my teacher required me to change the way a leftie naturally holds her pen in 2nd grade, has gotten markedly worse with the fatigue in my hand, arm, neck and back. But SO WORTH IT.

We met up with some friends for traditional Italian, our one meal out for the week, and I celebrated with a champagne drink called the Fancy Pants :).

Until Tomorrow,